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Bausch & Lomb micro-projector

A micro-projector consisting of a carbon arc lamp, a large platform for the microscope and a right angle prism for projecting the image on a screen. The arc lamp is provided with a clockwork and chain feed mechanism for the carbon rods, which are mounted at right angles, both rods being moved along as the carbon is consumed. A water cell in the optical path prevents overheating of the specimen. The substantial platform with clamps will fit most 20th c. microscope stands with horseshoe bases. To set up the projector, simply remove the mirror from a microscope, clamp its base on the platform and fit the right angle prism on its eyepiece. The 5 amp fixed rheostat must be used with the arc lamp. The rheostat is B&L # 4316, the micro-projector is B&L # 4499. The instrument is in good working order, including the clock drive. Microscope not included.

the water cell

carbon rod advance mechanism

B&L fixed rheostat

the opposite side

right angle prism

view with a microscope stand in place

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