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Early Metal Lathe

A small engine lathe which likely was treadle driven. The cone pulley has 3 wooden steps of 3 3/4", 5 1/4", and 6 3/4" diameters, each 1" wide. The solid back gear gives speed reduction of approx. 5 1/2 to 1. The back gear is locked in or out by means of a loose pin inserted in corresponding holes. The slide rest is driven by a direct acting crank (turning clockwise moves the rest to the left) and by a 10 tpi lead screw, giving 28" of travel. The tailstock is fitted with a 6" dia. brass hand wheel with 5 square spokes, giving the ram 6" of travel. The slide rest is gibbed on the back side. The unusual semicircular carriage may eventually help to identify the maker of this lathe. The 41" bed has decoratively molded sides and rests on shaped legs. The spindle is 1 1/4" with 10 tpi outside threads and a now non-standard tapered socket. I believe this is the "American taper" commonly used on mid-19th c. lathes. A dead center is fitted to the tailstock. A faceplate has 10 tpi inside threads. There are no change gears present

front view

tool rest

right end of lathe

tailstock with ram extended

tailstock hand wheel

wooden cone pulley

semicircular slide rest

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