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Microscope slides by 19th c. American Makers

1. C. Zentmayer, Philadelphia - Tingis Hyalina - binocular. photo, closeup

2. G.D. Beatty, M.D., Baltimore - Viseum albrum? tree stem photo

3. Dr. J.G. Hunt, Philada - anatomy of Drosera rotundifolia leaf. photo
Dr. Hunt invented a hand microtome in 1869

4. C. Seiler, M.D., Philadelphia - leaf of Rotundifolia. photo
Dr. Seiler invented a microtome knife carrier in 1879.

5. C.L. Peticolas - fossil diatoms from Richmond, Va.. photo
C.L. Peticolas advertised his Richmond diatom slides in the American Journal of Microscopy, 1878.

6. Dr. Shakespeare of Philadelphia - Lupis vulgaris of the face. photo

7. J.D. King. (Hand written subject label faded) photo
J.D. King, of Cottage City, Mass. worked in the second half of the 19th C. He also invented and marketed the King microtome and published a book on microscopy in 1859.

8. C.B. Johnson, Providence, R.I. - holly. photo

9. C.B. Johnson, Providence, R.I. - nettle. photo

10. C.B. Johnson, Providence, R.I. - Loquat, Bermuda. photo

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