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Housman's T-handle Corn Sheller

Michael Housman, of Huntington, Indiana introduced the T-handle sheller in 1860 with his first patent of Sept 4, 1860 and modified the sheller in 1866 by adding a pin and coil springs to replace a flat spring around the handle. This sheller is No. 5 in the book, Field Guide to Patented Hand Corn Shellers.

The sheller is 5 1/2" long, with an 8" handle. Pressure is applied to the jaws by two coil springs fitted on a pin through the jaws. The jaws are shaped so as to pull the ear through the sheller as either the cob or the sheller is rotated. The design is extremely efficient, however, as with most hand shellers, the kernels fly in all direction when the tool is used vigorously. One iron jaw is marked "Pat 1860 & 66". The wood handle shows substantial aging, but is still solid and safe to use. The iron and brass are in fine condition.

closeup of the markings
closeup of the jaws

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