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Microscope slides by C.M. Topping

The nine slides all have red paper covers on the back and gilt red covers on the front with the C.M. Topping logo. Five of the slides have the small label of "Jas. W. Queen, 924 Chestnut St., Philad." All nine slides were likely sold by Queen. C.M. Topping worked in the mid 1800's. Edmund Wheeler's 1876 catalog notes that Wheeler had bought out the remaining stock of the late C.M. Topping, thus Wheeler was C.M. Topping's successor (Bracegirdle, 1987).

close up of slides

1. Upper cuticle of petal of Pelargonium? - The Jewess. With Queen label. photomicrograph

2. Feathers of birds.

3. Leg & ? of boatfly. photomicrograph

4. Tooth of Myliobatis. With Queen label. photomicrograph - polarized light

5. Lung of camel. With Queen label. photomicrograph

6. Eye of a beetle. photomicrograph

7. Proboscis of blow fly. With Queen label. photomicrograph

8. Trans. sect. Rhinoceros horn. photomicrograph - polarized light

9. Section of human skin. With Queen label.

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