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Queen Induction Coil

A Ruhmkorff coil made by Queen & Co., Phila. The mahogany base measures 14" x 5 1/2". The coil is 4" in diameter and 6" long. The device is in working condition. Applying 6 volts D.C. at the battery terminals, I could get a 2" spark at the secondaries. However, the end of one of the secondary terminals is damaged. The wire is intact and a repair using modern materials would be easy. (I never make such repairs to historic instruments that are to be passed on.) The nickel plated brass fittings have a good bit of surface oxidation and are uncleaned. For more on Queen & Co., see James W. Queen

the right side - make and break mechanism and battery terminals

end view of same

the left end - knife switch

maker's plate

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