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"The Boss" Boring Machine

"THE BOSS MCH" is a 2 speed beam boring machine. The yoke is simply pulled up and out of the frame, inverted, and replaced to change the speed. The machine was sold under several names, all Indiana dealers. The double spindle was patented by Henry Cloyd, of West Alexandria, Ohio, Dec 19, 1882.

The all metal frame, 2 speed gears, and ease of adjustment make this the second most desirable boring machine after the Millers Falls. This machine works easily and is not too sloppy, but has seen a lot of use. I pushed and cranked the dull bit quite hard in testing. One tooth is missing from the high speed gear, but the adjacent teeth keep the gear running smoothly. Otherwise a complete and clean machine. Even the original wood seat and hand cranks are in very good condition.

the 1 1/2" bit good condition, but needs sharpening

"THE BOSS MCH" cast in the yoke

rear view

the right standard showing the double headed eagle and marked "The Hardware Specialty M'fg Co., Sole Mfrs, Anderson Ind".

upper left standard, showing the thumb latch that holds the yoke in the up position

lower left standard, showing the thumb latch that engages the power lifting rack, the depth gauge and the depth scale with indents for the set screw every 1/2" (a nice touch).

the drilling angle adjustment with ribbed faces for no-slip locking.

front view The dull bit would take a long time to work through this beam, but it was a good test of the mechanism.

Price: sold
This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland. The handles aren't removable, requiring a much larger box than other boring machines.

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