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Millers Falls No. 1 Universal Angular and Ratchet Drilling Machine

By modern terminology, this could be called a portable radial drill press. It was offered in the 1880 catalog of Jackson & Tyler, Baltimore, the 1882 catalog of Goodnow & Wightman, Boston, and the 1887 catalog of Millers Falls Co. The concept and most of the features of this drill were patented Apr 5, 1870, by James Hunter, of North Adams, Mass., pat No.101466.

As in a modern radial drill, the spindle pivots in two planes and also moves in and out in two planes, allowing precise positioning. The heavy duty clamp attaches the drill to a bench or to a machine needing repair. The Millers Falls catalog describes this use, "These drilling machines are now made of steel and are first class in every respect. For repair work in mills they are almost indispensible, as they can be attached to a broken machine without taking it apart, and swung round to drill at any angle". The handle has a spring pawl, which, when the crank is removed from the normal location and placed on the drill spindle, allows ratcheting motion. The above photo shows the handle in position on the spindle.

"Millers Falls Co". is cast in the crank, and "No.1" on the yoke. The wood handle on the feed wheel is not in the catalog illustrations and has likely been added later. It is attached with a bolt and can be easily removed. The drill is complete and in fine working order, with no breaks or welds and good gears and bearings. The chuck takes 1/2" round shank bits. A Jacobs chuck fitted in the drill chuck in some of the photos is not included.

closeup of yoke and gears

mounted on bench

opposite side

the crank

drilling jeep bumper

opposite side, mounted on jeep.

clamped to swing saw table

the drill disassembled

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