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Large Hall and Brown Wood Lathe

Whether you need to turn porch posts or like to mount chunks of tree trunks on the 29" outboard faceplate, this is one heavy duty lathe. The bed is made from twin 7" steel I beams, 10 ft long, with a heavy wood extension, allowing 9 ft between centers. With the extension, the bed is 12 1/2 ft long. The center is 8 1/2" over the bed (17" swing, 15" over the tool rest base). Three faceplates are 12" inboard, 12" and a massive 29" outboard. The spindle ends have different thread sizes, likely so the left and right threaded 12" faceplates won't be confused. Outboard is 1 1/4", 10tpi, inboard is 1 1/2", 7tpi. Both spindle and tailstock tapers are MT2. The previous owner had mounted the bed on concrete piers. I've bolted the lathe to heavy iron legs from an F.E. Reed metal lathe. Everything unbolts for transport.

the overhead countershaft (large image) has a 4 step pulley matching the lathe pulley and tight and loose pulleys with belt shifter. Note the brass grease cup on the loose pulley.

left end overview.

front view (large image).

the countershaft and belting. I'm using a 2 hp electric motor (not included), but a smaller motor will work well with the tight and loose pulleys. The motor should be brought up to speed before applying power to the lathe.

right end view.

left end view. The rails are welded together with a steel plate at each end..

the countershaft assembly - another view.

truing the face of a wood pulley.

The 29" faceplate and floor rest. The two rests for the floor stand are 11 3/4" and 21 1/4" long. The floor rest weighs 220 lbs. Unlike the tripod base rests, this one doesn't move around under heavy use.

The wood bed extension. Note the 8 1/2" long motion of the tailstock ram. The name cast in the tailstock is HALL & BROWN WW MACH CO., ST.LOUIS USA

right end view.

rear view

floor stand with the smaller rest.

same - end view.

rear view of headstock. Note the capped oil holes on each bearing.

the 38" tool rest. A smaller rest is 20".

Brass tag on the back of the headstock.

Remnant of the Hall & Brown "eagle" logo decal on the back of the tailstock.

turning a treadle lathe flywheel on the small outboard faceplate

The headstock bearings are in good condition and the tailstock ram works smoothly and locks easily. The extra tool rest base for the double rest has an old weld repair and has a hex nut rather than a square nut as on the other base. The clamp for this rest is larger than the other and has a different Hall & Brown part number. This works fine on the steel bed, but might tend to dent a wood bed. This lathe would have originally been sold without a bed with the user building his own wood bed of any desired length.

Included are the lathe, 2 tool rests, floor stand with 2 tool rests, 3 faceplates, and complete countershaft assembly. If you want the lathe without the floor stand or the countershaft, ask for a price. These items will not be sold separately.

Price: SOLD This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland
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