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Wood Lathe

This lathe turns a 10 1/2" radius over the bed and 33" between centers. The centers are only 36" off the floor, since I had to remove the wood feet under the legs which had rotted, likely from a damp floor. All the remaining wood is solid, but the lathe should be raised on new feet. Or, better yet, a new longer wood bed would make an ideal porch post lathe.

side view

The iron parts. This would be a great porch post lathe if fitted with a longer bed

The headstock. The 4 step pulleys are 11 1/2". 9", 6 1/4", and 4". There is an adjustable thrust bearing. The bearings are tight and the spindle turns smoothly.

front view of headstock. The spindle has an MT 2 taper and 6tpi 1 5/16" threads

The tailstock has an MT2 taper and 6" ram extension. The handwheel turns smoothly and the ram lock securely.

The tool rest socket has been drilled and tapped on the back for a locking bolt. This doesn't seem to get in the way of turning, so I haven't changed it.

the 18" tool rest blade is in fine condition, but its post is deeply pitted. However, it moves smoothly and clamps securely.

An unusual drill chuck marked "Pat Oct 23, 1890", TO 2, 4L, Standard Tools Co, USA".

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