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Seneca Falls Empire Foot Powered Scroll Saw

The Seneca Falls "Empire" is, by far, my favorite foot powered saw. Unlike the Victor, with its heavy spring loaded upper blade holder, The Empire starts easily by foot power. Both have the same impressive cutting capacity. However, at 160 pounds, this is not a machine for the crafter to pick up with one hand and carry from the back seat of a car to his booth in a craft fair. This is no "New Rogers".

The 24" diameter flywheel has a second belt groove for driving an optional drill (not included) and the 10" balance wheel has a belt groove for driving an optional lathe. I've never seen an example of this lathe attachment. The 15" diameter iron table tilts on a ball mount, primarily for doing inlay work. The table is 40" high.

The saw is all original, except for a new oak connecting rod on the left side. The new leather drive belt may need to be shortened once more after some heavy use. New leather usually stretches after a few hours of use. The saw is in good working order and has a fine original finish.

right side view.

An adjustable stool (not included) is useful when using both pedals. The Seneca Falls catalogs claim single pedal use is possible, while standing, but I find using both pedals much more enjoyable.

Patent dates cast in the front frameJune 12, 1877 and Jan 13, 1885.

the original hinged blade tensioner

the replacement left side connecting rod.The damaged original is also included. All other parts are original

the upper blade holder. Both upper and lower blade holders pivot to help keep the blade perpendicular to the work. Thumb nuts tighten the blade clamps for easily changing blades. Sections of modern band saw blades work well in the Seneca Falls machines.

close up of the original finish. The red and gold pin striping and gold lettering is intact.

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