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Treadle scroll saw

This is the No. 1 New Rogers saw, from Millers Falls Co. The No. 1 has an iron balance wheel rather than an emery wheel and a black japanned table, rather than nickel plated. The machine is all original, including the hinged blade clamps and jointed stretcher rod, both of which are often replaced with home made parts on this model. The saw is in good working order. The dust blower is not present. Modern 5" pinless blades work in this saw and a new blade is in place. The original black japanned finish is fair, with some gold striping remaining.

the hinged blade clamps with thumb screws

the jointed stretcher rod with thumb nut tension adjustment

side view

drill bit

drilling for an inside cut

making an inside cut

Price: SOLD plus UPS
This item can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland, to save shipping cost and the need to completely reassemble the machine

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