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Brown & Sharpe Lathe

This small and interesting production lathe by Brown & Sharpe is described and illustrated in Rose's 1888 Modern Machine Shop Pactice. The lathe is in good working condition, with the exception of the collets and their securing mechanism, which are a disaster, with badly worn threads and lacking the drawbar. The bed is 36" long, with the 3" wide way having dovetailed sides like the Barnes lathes. Cast in the front of the bed is Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co. Providence RI. The serial number stamped on the bed is 365.

article in Joshua Rose's 1888 Modern Machine Shop Practice (400k pdf file)

the compound rest with twin tool post slots. A hand rest is also present with a single locking lever that both clamps the base to the way and clamps the cross slide. The tool rest has a 12" wood extension.

the headstock with tight and loose pulleys and adjustable spindle bearings.

collet tray with Brown & Sharpe collets.

The slot in the bed is for a lever which, I believe, would tighten or loosen a special chuck while the lathe is running. Rose mentions this capability, but not the lever. However, a small chuck and spring in his illustration appear to be for this purpose. These parts are not present.

the components removed This item could be shipped UPS in several boxes, if necessary, but not cheaply.

The three jaw chuck marked "No. 5404, The Skinner Chuck Co. New Britain CT and a wrench. The spanner fits the bearing adjusting nut. The hand wheel may be for the collet closure or may not be associated.

the 8 Brown & Sharpe collets have severely worn threads. Also, the outside threads on the rear of the spindle are ruined. The spindle nose threads and taper are fine.

the tailstock with lever feed is ideal for drilling. The small taper is likely Brown & Sharpe. A center is present.

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