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Flat Belt Tensioner

Without a tensioner, flat belts need to be a precise length, and new leather belts stretch in use, requiring one and sometimes two adjustments (shortening and refitting whatever lacing you are using). A belt tensioner alleviates that problem.

The pulley is 2 1/2" wide and will take belts up to that width. The tensioner is typically mounted to run against the back of the belt, thus enhancing belt contact with the driving and driven pulleys, however, in some cases, it can be mounted to run inside the belt. This is not advised where the distance between these pulleys is small.

The bearings are in fine condition and fitted with grease cups. The spring mechanism also functions well. Mounting slots allow for adjusting alignment to the belt travel.

This was removed from an antique single stage compressor made by Potts Mfg, in Mechanicsburg, PA. It was mounted in a horizontal position under the belt, but can be mounted in any position, due to the strong spring.

opposite side view

top view

Bottom view showing spring tensioner

Price: $45 plus UPS
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