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Livingston Home Sheller

This early and uncommon version of the Weaver style sheller is in fine condition. The three patent dates cast on the mounting plate are Aug 24, 1869, Aug 29, 1871, and Nov 26, 1872. The first (94050)was granted to Theophilus Weaver, of Harrisburg. The second (118605)was granted to David Guttridge, of Pittsburg, and the third (133346)was granted to Weaver,who had since moved to Pittsburgh. Livingston & Co. advertised in several agricultural journals in the 1870's, including the American Agriculturist. This sheller was advertised in 1875 for $2.50. There is also an interesting writeup on this sheller in the 1876 American Agriculturist.

table mounted

shelling corn - It works well, but using a $20 Blackhawk might be more practical.

top view - "Home Sheller, Livingston & Co., Pittsburgh"

closeup of patent dates on mounting plate

Price: $450 plus UPS
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