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Oliver Bench Trimmer No.0

This trimmer, patented by Joseph Oliver, is marked "AMERICAN MACHINERY CO., the company name used prior to the 1903 name change to "Oliver Machinery Co". The patent dates are Feb 23, 1897 (577777) and June 19, 1900, (652136) both granted to Joseph Oliver.

The Oliver trimmer is unusual in that the rack is mounted at the top of the blade, where shavings won't fall into it. It also utilizes a spring loaded roller and wire to pull the wings tight against the frame - something I hadn't seen before. Taper pins fit various holes for locating the wings for specific angles. The wings adjust for both acute and obtuse angles. While resembling the Lion trimmer, this example weighs a whopping 55 lbs, twice the weight of the Lion.

The machine is in good working order. The blades make a very smooth cut, but, as always, should be honed.

rear view - the blade edge

lettering cast in the frame- "Oliver's Patents, Made in Grand Rapids Mich USA, AMERICAN MACHINERY CO"

the back side, showing the top mounted gear racks

The unique wing showing the spring tension mechanism and the taper pin

the double edged blade

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