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Jointer's Bench

This hand made bench measures 89" long with the end vise closed. The plank top is 16 3/4" deep and 1 3/4" thick and the rear tool tray is 9 3/4" deep. 3/4" square dog holes are spaced every 3 1/2" along the front edge. Both the front and end vises use 2" diameter wood screws. The bench is 28" high, reminding us that our species was substantially shorter in the 19th century. The legs are joined with stretchers supporting a lower shelf.

The vise screws work smoothly and the bench is solid, but the bench top is far from flat enough for use in hand planing. This would best be used as a display item.

front view

the end vise

front view of end vise

the front vise

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