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Emmert No.1 Pattern Maker's Vise and Workbench

This early style "turtle back" version of the famous Emmert universal vise is in fine working order, with no breaks or repairs. The jaws are 18" wide by 7" deep. The vise can be rotated 360 degrees and locked by means of a lever below the bench. It can also be tilted up 90 degrees to a horizontal position and easily locked anywhere in between by means of another lever below the table. The front jaw can also pivot to clamp tapered stock, such as a table leg by means of a knob on the front of the vise. Two dogs on both the front and rear jaws can be raised to clamp irregular shaped work. Rotating the vise 180 degrees brings into position a small pair of jaws for clamping metal stock. The vise is properly let into the top of the workbench.

The workbench is over 10' long and built solidly by a craftsman. It is not an antique and has no dovetailing. My guess is that it is around 60 years old, judging from the age of its maker, a 90 year old mill worker. The solid base provides a great deal of storage including 9 drawers and a two door cabinet. The front work area is 2" thick and 12 1/2" deep. The rear 18" is 1" board with bracing. The top is 124" long, 31" deep, and 34" high.

the vise pivoted to horizontal

the vise both pivots and rotates to any angle.

closeup of the two levers under the bench

the front jaw angled to clamp tapered work

the 4 dogs

holding round or odd shaped work in the 4 dogs

the "turtle back" cover with Joseph Emmert's 2 early patent dates.

maximum extension is 14".

the front of the vise is easily removable

many drawers include dividers, A small drawer is on the left end

right view

left view

the lower jaws. Note the mortised hinge and recessed body.

closeup of the small pair of jaws

closeup of vise area.

view of rear jaw, post and tilt bar.

side view of vise, showing rotation lock lever and pivot bar

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