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Broom Trimmer

While not as technically interesting as the broom winders and great variety of stitching vises, the broom trimmer is harder to find. This example is my first.

The frame is solid and the mechanism is in good working order, although the blade should be sharpened before use. It's easily removeable and has a single bevel, similar to a planer blade. The remaining red paint and yellow striping are flaking badly and could be easily removed, if desired.

An identical broom trimmer is on display at the Shaker Village in South Union, KY, according to a Jan 12, 2009 article and photo in Antique Week. The article states it was in use there in the early 1800's, although I would think it to be a little later.

Rear view, showing the method of aligning the handle. Note the three bolts securing the blade to the lever.

closeup showing the two screws that align the moveable blade.

front view

side view Note the sliding iron stop which can be locked by a thumb nut under the table.

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