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Blacksmith's Post Vises

All three vises have good screws and jaws and are in good working order.

top view of all three vises

A. The smallest vise has 4 1/2" jaws and weighs 49 lbs. Overall length from bottom of leg to jaws is 40". There is no return spring.

B. The second vise has 5 3/4" jaws and weighs 80 lbs. It has a great deal of old peeling paint.

side view
the jaws

C. The largest vise has 6 1/2" jaws and weighs 155 lbs. It has a bronze box and steel screw. If you are the size of the average blacksmith and like to pound on hot metal, this is the vise for you. A piece of angle iron has been welded to the mounting bracket and to the vise body, to fit the edge of a bench. This makes the height of the bracket no longer adjustable. The distance from the end of the leg to the bench top is 28 3/4". Actually, this heavy a vise should be mounted on a post or stump, rather than a bench, and the leg should also rest on wood.

side view
opposite side
the bronze box and steel screw
the jaws

Price: sold
These can be safely stored until your next trip to Maryland.

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